B2B Online Display Advertising for Dummies – by IAB US

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B2B online brand building has the advantage of automation and tracking, so you can finetune your strategy and deliver timely advertising messages to every influencer and decision maker in a company. In fact, you can even set up your strategy so your advertising follows the most engaged prospects as they browse the Internet and social media connections for solutions to their business problems. This book helps you understand B2B brand building and explains how you can build your B2B brand online using a combination of advertising, social media, and audience targeting techniques.

The new “B2B Online Display Advertising for Dummies” has just been launched. This Bizo/IAB US edition guide was developed by Bizo and supported by the IAB US B2B Committee.

The “For Dummies” series is incredibly popular, and not just with “dummies.”  For reference, the first B2B guide, which the IAB US B2B Committee supported post-publication, garnered 10,000+ downloads. It is expected that this new guide will be even more popular.

>> Download here the ‘B2B Online Display Advertising for Dummies’ edition

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