Privacy and Tracking in a Post-Cookie World – an IAB US Whitepaper

|| by Patrick Marck

Privacy and Tracking in a Post-Cookie World is an IAB US Whitepaper addressing the limitations of the traditional cookie for providing  persistent user privacy choices and tracking in our evolving multi-device, multi-environment digital landscape. This whitepaper defines guiding principles for stakeholders, evaluates five alternative state management solution classes against these principles, and educates readers on the current… Read more »

Customer Engagement in Omni-Channel Marketing – IAB US and Winterberry Group Whitepaper

|| by Patrick Marck

The IAB US and Winterberry Group just released a first-of-its-kind report, surveying 120+ executives to examine customer engagement strategies in omnichannel marketing.The study found 91% are interested in cross-platform marketing and 82% plan on investing in such strategies soon. This whitepaper will explore the origins and likely evolution of omnichannel customer engagement strategies. Based on… Read more »

IAB Mediascope Report 6: Silver Surfers Closing the Digital Divide

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

This is the sixth in the series of Mediascope Monthly Bulletins, in-depth Mediascope findings on a particular topic accompanied by complementary material (campaign examples, case studies or complementary research data), creating insights for marketers seeking to learn more about marketing in a specific area. This sixth Mediascope Monthly Bulletin brings you an analysis of adults… Read more »

The Integrated Marketing Playbook: How to Create Simplicity from Complexity – by IgnitionOne

|| by Patrick Marck

Digital marketing has the potential to achieve the dreams marketers have held for generations: the ability to directly reach potential customers at the right time, with the right message, every time. This dream consists of the extraordinary ability to track marketing efforts and consumer behaviour in order to optimise budget and understand the audience and… Read more »

IAB Europe cautions Mozilla switching off a large part of European industries and undermining the openness of the internet

|| by Patrick Marck

IAB Europe expresses disappointment that Mozilla’s new browser cookie settings, which will come into effect in early April, will block third party cookies by default. This move will switch off a significant part of the industry and undermine pan-European industry-wide efforts to empower Mozilla Firefox users through improved transparency and better choices about how to… Read more »