IAB US releases Native Advertising Playbook

|| by Patrick Marck

Native has become a hot topic in the advertising marketplace, but for the practice to flourish further, it needs consensus on definitions and structure. In response, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB US) and its Native Advertising Task Force has released the “IAB Native Advertising Playbook” to serve as a consistent framework for the discussion surrounding… Read more »

IAB Belgium Whitepaper on Automated Trading – November 2013

|| by Patrick Marck

The evolution of the display advertising market over the past few years has been phenomenal. Among other technology advancements, the emergence of cloud computing and affordable automated technologies which allow efficient data management have created new possibilities to serve both advertisers and publishers needs. Automated trading and programmatic buying enables marketers to consolidate customer interactions… Read more »

What’s the story behind the viewable impression? IAB’s update on the new digital metrics

|| by Patrick Marck

The absence of a consistent approach to measuring and assessing the effects of digital media has resulted in competing and contradictory measurement systems that contributed to a complex and costly supply chain for the industry. To help resolve this long-standing problem, and move digital measurement forward, Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) was born. This project… Read more »

IAB US updated Quality Assurance Guidelines: open for public comment

|| by Patrick Marck

To foster brand safety and transparency in the digital advertising supply chain the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released a draft for public comment of its updated Quality Assurance Guidelines compliance program (QAG 2.0). The most significant change from the QAG 1.0 program is the structural shift from “networks and exchanges,” to a much broader “buyers… Read more »

Technical specifications for Display advertising

|| by Anton Luyten

The standards and technical specifications form IAB for Display advertising are realized in cooperation with publishers and sales houses. Their main goal is to simplify the work of the different links in the chain of creation, production and dissipation. Voornaamste standaarden – Universal Ad package Name Size in pixels (Width x Heigth) Max. weigth (kB)… Read more »

A Marketer’s Guide to Understanding the Economics of Digital Compared to Traditional Advertising and Media Services

|| by Benoit Lips

The high-volume, low-dollar, high-complexity nature of Digital programs makes it the most labor-intensive medium in the advertising industry. I’ve been waiting for this report for long time… Over the last 10 years, I have been questionned by advertisers and media buyers about the costs of digital advertising versus traditional. And more specifically about production costs,… Read more »