VIDEO: How to gain a digital advantage in the multi-screen world?- Louise Kloster, Microsoft Advertising

|| by Patrick Marck

Understanding the changes that are happening today is the real challenge for advertisers. With technology moving faster than you can follow, Microsoft Advertising conducted a research to understand better the different consumer profiles and their usage of the screens. It enables them to give advertisers an answer on how to use the advantage of the… Read more »

VIDEO: How to hit the sweet spot through newsbrand advertising? – Gerd Callewaert, IPSOS

|| by Patrick Marck

Integrated campaigns (print+online) generate more word-of-mouth than single channel campaigns. Simple and clear messages as well as online video improve emotional response. Micro-interactions create more consumer engagement. These are only some of the interesting results of the Brand Dating Study on newsbrand advertising, conducted by IPSOS for Corelio. More than 400 on- and offline ads… Read more »

OPPA Brand Buzz Survey: the relation between content sites and online conversations

|| by Siska Truyman

The OPPA Brand Buzz Survey investigates the relationship between brand conversations and content/information sites (TV, newspaper, magazine). Do content sites generate conversations, and which factors drive the conversation ? The answer on this question is that the Belgian content sites encourage on- and offline conversations about brands, often influenced by advertising and content. Conversation is not… Read more »

IAB Breakfast – Mediascope launch

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

Did you know that 63% of the Belgians are online during TV prime time? Did you also know that 1 out of 2 Belgian tablet users are online while watching TV, but that in only 21% of the cases this is related to the TV program they’re watching? And that 41% of the Belgians smartphone… Read more »

When digital life meets POE

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

At the IAB Breakfast of 4 May, TNS presented the results of the Digital Life study, whereas HAVAS presented their results of the POE (Paid/Owned/Earned) study. Download it here: >> IAB Breakfast_Digital Life by TNS_May 2012 >> IAB Breakfast_POE by Havas_May 2012