a handy tool to quickly find screen specifications

|| by Patrick Marck

Don’t get lost in the multitude of screen sizes of smartphones, tablets and monitors with this handy tool. helps you quickly find the screen specifications of the most popular devices and monitors currently on the market. Of course, every country has its own list of most popular devices and screens (check out the IAB-Dashboards… Read more »

New AdBannerKing tool checks IAB Tech Specs compliance

|| by Patrick Marck

AdBannerKing is a brand new application to simplify the production-flow of banners. The tool also checks if the creative material has been developed conform the IAB Belgium Tech Specs. “AdBannerKing is a constructive solution for the problem of late delivery of the creative material due to the non-respect of the IAB-Standards,” says Patrick Marck, general… Read more »

Technical specifications for Display advertising

|| by Anton Luyten

The standards and technical specifications form IAB for Display advertising are realized in cooperation with publishers and sales houses. Their main goal is to simplify the work of the different links in the chain of creation, production and dissipation. Voornaamste standaarden – Universal Ad package Name Size in pixels (Width x Heigth) Max. weigth (kB)… Read more »