Discover the winning campaigns of the IAB MIXX Awards 2013

More than 450 media and marketing professionals witnessed on the 17th of October the 7th edition of the IAB MIXX Awards at Tour&Taxis. With 10 Awards and the Agency of the Year Award, TBWA was definitely the winner. KBC won 4 awards and the Advertiser of the Year Award. InThePocket received the Most Promising Agency of the Year Award.

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This year, IAB Belgium changed the scope and adapted the categories of the IAB MIXX Awards. We asked Patrick Marck, general manager of IAB Belgium, why and what really changed.

Why did the IAB MIXX Awards move from digital strategies to digital craftsmanship?
Patrick Marck: “When we started with the Awards 7 years ago, our agencies had to fight to get digital into the media plans and strategies. To show the creativity and efficiency of digital to advertisers, the IAB MIXX Awards were created. In the meantime, the digital channels are fully integrated in every campaign, so ‘mission completed’ for the IAB MIXX Awards, you could say. But today, we see that digital technologies are moving at the speed of light. Every day, start-ups emerge (and grow very fast) to fill that gap. That’s why the IAB MIXX Awards do not only celebrate the best of Belgium’s digital campaigns but also the high-level digital craftsmanship of these innovative companies.”

More categories mean more cases, but did you expect to receive 161 campaigns?
Patrick Marck: “From 64 to 161 entries is a huge success, but we have anticipated this. Instead of one Jury, four expert Juries have analysed every case on different criteria: strategy, creativity, results, innovation, engagement, design,… A big thank you to all Jury members is in place, they did a great job!”

Another novelty is the IAB MIXX Award for “Digital Planner of the Year” and “Digital Sales Guy/Girl of the Year”.
Patrick Marck: “Next to the campaigns, the advertisers and the agencies, we want to put some hard working people in the spotlights whose jobs are extremely important in the digital eco-system.  With these personality awards, we give the digital planners and the digital sales people the opportunity to show their mutual appreciation. Sure, it’s great to win this award, but the fact that your boss has nominated you says it all.”

Also the Award itself has changed.
Patrick Marck: “The “mouse trap” award dated from the first MIXX campaign, but it did not make any sense anymore. We took the opportunity to create a new award in the spirit of digital craftsmanship: the new IAB MIXX Award has been designed and 3D-printed by Twikit.”

What will happen with these inspiring cases after the IAB MIXX Awards?
Patrick Marck: “As it would be a pity that all of this digital inspiration would evaporate, we are developing the “IAB Cases Gallery” within the IAB-Community website. Agencies and advertisers can submit all year long their great work into the gallery. And to make sure that this cases gallery remains top of mind, a Judge of the Month will highlight every month some of the new entries in MM-News. The winners of tonight have earned extra visibility and opportunities. They are not only praised in the IAB MIXX Special of MediaMarketing, but they are also nominated for the IAB Europe MIXX Awards in June 2014.”

Talking about the European MIXX Awards, IAB Belgium also won a MIXX Award this year in Barcelona?
Patrick Marck: “I’m very proud that IAB Belgium won the “IAB of the Year” Award this year! We’re one of the smallest IAB’s in the European network, but in my 6 years at IAB Belgium we have become a real reference for other IAB’s. A big ‘thank you’ to our Belgian IAB team!”


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