The first IAB Matrix results are out!

IAB Belgium has conducted this survey, called “IAB Matrix”, on the perception and use of digital advertising channels by advertisers and agencies in Belgium.

The goal of this study is to provide advertisers and all stakeholders a reliable indicator of the performance of different digital advertising channels in the Belgian market. An indicator that doesn’t yet exist for the Belgian market.

Check out hereunder the infographic with the main insights.

IAB Matrix Infographic - copie
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    Good to hear that Big data is the BIG BUZZ word in BELGIUM. However the challenge for the big data industry is to bridge the worlds of end users , of statisticians and cloud based big data platforms. The missing layer is an interactive software platform that allows data analysts to build, validate and deploy complex models which provide end users with the key nuggets of insight via intuitive cloud based applications. Marketing and advertising budgets will benefit from the empowerment of end users being able to quantify the impact of marketing and advertising decisions on revenue and bottom line.

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