IAB Europe White Paper: Native Advertising and Content Marketing

Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising messages which could mean up to 5,000 messages each day. Combine this fact with the increasing use of ad blocking tools and the challenge becomes even more real and indeed some audiences have become unreachable via advertising. These contemporary challenges have meant that engaging formats and creativity have become key in online advertising. The IAB Europe Native Advertising and Content Marketing white paper provides insight into how native advertising can build better advertising experiences for consumers and therefore more meaningful relationships. It also provides guidance on key considerations for creating and distribution native advertising.

The white paper addresses:

  • How native advertising enables meaningful consumer relationships
  • Native advertising format types
  • Key considerations for executing native advertising and content-based advertising
  • The European landscape – how native advertising is developing across the different European markets

>>> Click here to access the white paper on the IAB Europe website <<<

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