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TBWA and KBC, big winners of the IAB Mixx Awards 2015

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

BRUSSELS, 16 OCTOBER 2015 – With no fewer than ten awards this year, the TBWA agency is the big winner of the IAB Mixx Awards 2015, held this Thursday in Brussels. KBC, for its part, wins four honours for the digital campaigns the bank has launched in the last few months. Organised by the IAB… Read more »

Hyperlocal Advertising on Mobile Phones

|| by Yves Kallaert

Proxistore™ on Mobile Steroïds “AdWhere” makes it possible to insert hyperlocal advertising in places with poor GPS signals. This has been achieved thanks to the patented and precise localisation technology from Sensewhere. This means that adverts, coupons and discount deals can be targeted at people with a precision of up to five metres. Customers near… Read more »

Calculate the quality of your brand awareness

|| by Anthony Bosschem

800+ people watched my latest slideshare presentation. What’s that worth? People with a love for fluffyness might seek the value of those 800+ views in ‘behavioural change’. Something that’s so hard to measure you can’t really put a number on it. A great metric to use when you have something to hide. Other people might… Read more »

IAB Mediascope Report 1: Sport and the shift to interactive media

|| by Patrick Marck

Key IAB Mediascope findings on Sports and the shift to interactive media: 85% of digital sport audience online during primetime Sport audience spends 50% more time online 65% of digital sport audience multi-screen while watching TV The IAB Mediascope offers next to the general survey results in-depth Mediascope findings on particular topics accompanied by complementary material (campaign examples,… Read more »