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Speed, Change and Mobile Banking

|| by Yves Kallaert

the revolution and upcoming demolition of traditional banks in light of mobility.   –           In 1980 – credit cards took 14 days to approve, personal loans 7-14 days, home mortgages 30+ days. –          In 2008 – credit card were instantly approved, personal loans pre-approved/24 hours, home mortgages 24 hours. The increase in speed between 1980 and… Read more »

Why No One Likes Mobile Ads and How Companies Hope to Change That

|| by Yves Kallaert

No one really knows if ads on smartphones work.   Internet companies are having difficulty making money on mobile ads. Mobile computing is the fastest-spreading consumer technology in history, but the real change for the technology business is only just beginning. Where consumer attention goes, ad euros are supposed to follow. That hasn’t quite happened… Read more »

Mobile Payments Acceptance

|| by Yves Kallaert

NFC and Contactless Payments get Momentum across Europe When it comes to NFC payments, the business case is becoming more clear: according to Juniper Research, NFC will reach $74 billion in transactions by 2015. The so important NFC POS deployment looks optimistic, too: Berg Insights have currently released their study which claims that half of… Read more »

If consumers are from Venus and business people are from Mars, than they’re using Android on Venus and Blackberry on Mars

|| by Patrick Marck

A long title to explain the major difference in the use of an operating system on a smartphone by consumers and business people. Consumers are mainly into Android and Apple, although we still see a place under the sun for Windows (that should be growing especially in the coming months). However, Symbian really disappeared. Thanks to… Read more »

You’re probably wasting your money on social media

|| by Bart De Waele

How many companies active on social media have a marketing department working on customer service these days? How many corporate Twitter accounts are swamping themselves with customer support messages, unable to get their own message out? A lot. In their enthusiasm to get started with social media marketing departments started fixing problems other departments are responsible for…. Read more »

The Mobile tipping point… into the abbys?

|| by Yves Kallaert

Sources: VentureBeat, ComScore, @GerdLeonhard Without sounding too dramatic, Facebook’s admission last week that it was struggling to monetize mobile even as roughly half of its user base accesses the social network through non-PC devices is an issue that assuredly is keeping all Internet giants awake.In the same boat as Facebook are all the stars of… Read more »

Television 2.0

|| by Brice Le Blévennec

Online television, it’s the next great battle. Already today, it’s making the minds of many race. Announced some fifteen years ago already, the infamous convergence between Internet and TV is becoming a reality today. By the end of the year, the major TV manufacturers (Sony, LG, Samsung …) prepare to flood the market with machines… Read more »

Drama 2.0: towards a new interactive narration form

|| by Brice Le Blévennec

“Once upon a time…” For centuries on end, storytelling hasn’t changed by one comma. The rules of the game were unchanging and intangible: one needed unity of time, space and action. Today, under the pressure of digital media, these fundamental principles of storytelling are being shattered. This tendency is called transmedia storytelling, which means you combine… Read more »