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IAB Europe Ad Blocking Detection Guidance

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

IAB Europe Ad Blocking Detection Guidance The document shows how publishers can err on the side of caution given the legal uncertainty surrounding this topic by requesting and obtaining the consent of users for the use of ad blocker detection relying on existing compliance mechanisms for cookies. Executive summary Ad blocker detection is not illegal,… Read more »

Adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

Brussels, 14 April 2016 – IAB Europe takes note of the European Parliament’s vote adopting comprehensive new rules for the protection of personal data. The European Parliament today voted in favor of new comprehensive rules on the protection of personal data and privacy to take effect in 2018. The Council of the EU already endorsed… Read more »

What to Expect at MWC 2014 – Devices Market

|| by Yves Kallaert

Wearable technologies MWC will continue to cover the theme of wearables, but in a different way. MWC will bring the discussion back to the whole ecosystem of devices and the smartphone as the hub. The smartphone will remain the central communication point in users’ lives. The new announcements in this space will relate to enhancements… Read more »