IAB Belgium, BDMA and STIMA have joined forces to become stronger than ever as BAM, the Belgian Association of Marketing. BAM unites all marketing minded professionals with a common mission: create added value and relationships with your customers in a sustainable way.
IAB Breakfast

IAB Breakfast – Special IAB Matrix study #6 release

Time: 08:30 - 10:30   Location: The House To Be

Registration at the bottom of the page IAB Belgium is organizing a breakfast session on 20 April at "The House To Be" in Zellik. This IAB Breakfast will be a special edition where the results of the sixth wave of the IAB Matrix survey will be released. This presentation by Stéphanie Radochitzki (Digital Strategy Manager… Read more »

Info session & report of the Ordinary General Assembly

Time: 12:30 - 14:30   Location: Roularta Conference Center

Version française ci-dessous Info session & report van de Gewone Algemene Vergadering (GAV). Beste IAB-lid, Het gestarte integratieproces met de BDMA en STIMA gaat vooruit met grote passen. Graag nodigen we u uit voor een bijeenkomst op 31 maart om u de laatste ontwikkelingen van het project voor te stellen. We zullen dan ook antwoord… Read more »

Digital and professionalism. Update on the ongoing IAB projects on Viewability and Ad Fraud

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

Version française ci-dessous Digital en professionaliteit: Situatie van de lopende IAB-werkzaamheden rond Viewability en Ad fraud. Het IAB België heeft zich steeds tot taak gesteld om de spelers op de digitale markt te begeleiden en zo de sector te professionaliseren. Het IAB neemt sinds meerdere maanden de problematiek rond viewability, ad fraud, ad blockers, enzovoort… Read more »

IAB Europe White Paper: Native Advertising and Content Marketing

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertising messages which could mean up to 5,000 messages each day. Combine this fact with the increasing use of ad blocking tools and the challenge becomes even more real and indeed some audiences have become unreachable via advertising. These contemporary challenges have meant that engaging formats and creativity have become… Read more »

What is the International IAB/ABC Spiders and Bots list?

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

What is the International IAB/ABC Spiders and Robots list? The International IAB US/ABC UK Spiders & Robots List is a key resource for digital media owners to minimise non-human traffic being counted in their web analytics. Established and launched in 2006 by ABC and the IAB US, it is a list of known robotic user agents that is updated… Read more »

Advertisers and agencies demand branding metrics for digital video advertising, new IAB Europe survey shows

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

Brussels, 9th November 2016 – Buy-side and sell-side digital video advertising strategies mature as measurement evolves towards branding KPIs and away from the click, the first IAB Europe Attitudes to Digital Video Advertising survey reveals. Based on a survey of more than 650 advertisers, agencies and publishers from across 31 markets, the study provides clarity… Read more »

IAB AdOps Day – Special Programmatic All Media

Location: B19 Country Club

Registrations at the bottom of the page IAB AdOps Day - Special Programmatic All Media, November 16th (8.30 - 14.00) & 17th (12.30 - 17.30) 2016 In this constantly changing digital environment, ad operations professionals need to stay on top to keep facing the challenges of the cross-media ecosystem. On November 16th AM and 17th… Read more »

Digital attracts a third of advertising investments in Belgium

|| by Jeremy Muylaert

Matrix study: digital attracts a third of advertising investments in Belgium According to the 5th wave of the Matrix study carried out by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), advertisers dedicate, on average, 34.7% of their advertising budgets to digital media. A figure that’s been rising steadily since the first survey. The digital media landscape is… Read more »