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Why No One Likes Mobile Ads and How Companies Hope to Change That

|| by Yves Kallaert

No one really knows if ads on smartphones work.   Internet companies are having difficulty making money on mobile ads. Mobile computing is the fastest-spreading consumer technology in history, but the real change for the technology business is only just beginning. Where consumer attention goes, ad euros are supposed to follow. That hasn’t quite happened… Read more »

Updated rules on alcohol advertising by the Belgian Council of Advertising

|| by Patrick Marck

The “Council of Advertising” (Raad voor de Reclame/Conseil de la Publicité) has approved a new code of conduct on advertising for alcoholic beverages. This update of the Code on Alcoholic Beverages has been negociated between the associations of the industry and the advertising sector as well as the consumer organisations (Test-Aankoop/TestAchat – OIVO/CRIOC) and coordinated… Read more »