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Privacy and Tracking in a Post-Cookie World – an IAB US Whitepaper

|| by Patrick Marck

Privacy and Tracking in a Post-Cookie World is an IAB US Whitepaper addressing the limitations of the traditional cookie for providing  persistent user privacy choices and tracking in our evolving multi-device, multi-environment digital landscape. This whitepaper defines guiding principles for stakeholders, evaluates five alternative state management solution classes against these principles, and educates readers on the current… Read more »

Why No One Likes Mobile Ads and How Companies Hope to Change That

|| by Yves Kallaert

No one really knows if ads on smartphones work.   Internet companies are having difficulty making money on mobile ads. Mobile computing is the fastest-spreading consumer technology in history, but the real change for the technology business is only just beginning. Where consumer attention goes, ad euros are supposed to follow. That hasn’t quite happened… Read more »