Technical specifications for Display advertising

The standards and technical specifications form IAB for Display advertising are realized in cooperation with publishers and sales houses. Their main goal is to simplify the work of the different links in the chain of creation, production and dissipation.

Voornaamste standaarden – Universal Ad package


Size in pixels
(Width x Heigth)

Max. weigth (kB)


728 x 90

40 kB

Medium Rectangle

300 x 250

40 kB

Wide Skyscraper

160 x 600

40 kB


180 x 150

40 kB

Anton Luyten

Owner at All-Marketing

As an independent Marketing Consultant I have done different projects in the last years. Surfing or googling around on the web you can find some of them along with my blog and other social activities. All this time online brought me to the IAB-Community project. If you have any problems on this community you can always contact me. Here I am your IAB community manager.

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